Arnold R. Pinkney was born in Youngstown, Ohio to Catherine and David Ellsworth Pinkney. He grew up the youngest of five children in a religious home. While a student at Youngstown public schools, Mr. Pinkney became an outstanding athlete and scholar. He graduated with honors from South Side High and was the first student to earn twelve sport letters. His commitment to service began in high school as he served as Treasurer of his graduating class and President of the Hi-Y Club.

1979 - Mr. Pinkney with Maya Angelou and Central State University President Dr. Lionel Newsome on the day they were both bestowed honorary degrees from Central State University.
1999 - Mr. Pinkney with Vice President Al Gore
2008 - The Pinkney family are long-time members of The Olivet Institutional Baptist Church where Mr. Pinkney served on the Trustee Board and Mrs. Pinkney is a member of the Board of Deacons Ministry.